Pacific Film and Television Commission

After years of writing everything from advertisements to animation, it’s a tale of murder and mayhem that sees the work of two Queensland writers make it to the big screen.

Shane Krause and Shayne Armstrong will see their vision come to life when their thriller feature film ‘Acolytes’ goes into production in the coming months.

Acolytes, the story of a group of teenagers who discover the body of a woman and uncover a twisted plot of murder and intrigue, will be filmed in and around Brisbane.

The two Shanes wrote the script for Acolytes in between their jobs in the creative industries lecturing, copywriting and directing commercials as well as writing and consulting on various projects for the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and 20th Century Fox.

Shayne Armstrong says although the process of writing the mystery thriller involved keeping their prospective audience on the edge of their seats, the two writers themselves are curious to see their story come to life on screen.

“We worked really hard on Acolytes for about two years, so it was great that we were able to find producers who liked the script, optioned it and secured finance so it can now go into production”.

Acolytes is being produced by Penny Wall and Richard Stewart of Queensland production company Stewart Wall Entertainment and has received investment from the Pacific Film and Television Commission and the Film Finance Corporation.

PFTC Head of Production Henry Tefay says Acolytes represents another breakthrough achievement for the local industry.

“It is great to see a Queensland creative team like these two very talented writers and Richard and Penny get their feature film into production. Their extraordinary commitment to the project and their willingness to explore creative options was absolutely integral to making the project happen.”

Richard Stewart and Penny Wall have many years experience in the film industry having worked as producers on a number of feature, documentary and short film projects as well as a 3D animated children’s television series.

Stewart Wall Entertainment received investment from the PFTC for Acolytes through the Project Development Scheme, Production Fund, Revolving Film Finance Fund and its Production Incentives Program.