Joel takes on edgier film role

From Sydney Confidential – NEWS.COM.AU

Acolyte … Edgerton will take on the role of a real-life killer.

AUSSIE acting workhorse Joel Edgerton has signed up for another local flick – and apparently his latest big-screen role is a real killer.

The former Secret Life of Us star has been cast as a psychotic serial killer in upcoming thriller Acolytes.

The film – about three teens trying to blackmail a murderer– is still in the development stages, but production company spokesman Richard Stewart revealed they were relieved to already have Edgerton on board.

“We really wanted Joel because he’s extremely talented and versatile,” Stewart said this week. The gig will see Edgerton switch sides of the law after appearing as cop Mark Field in Fox8’s edgy series Dangerous this year.,23663,21505448-7485,00.html