Set Report – Acolytes

An extract from an on-location report on ‘Acolytes’ by Rodney Appleyard of Smoke & Mirrors Magazine. Aug-Oct 2007

Smoke & Mirrors Magazine - Set Report: Acolytes

Queensland production ‘Acolytes’ is a perfect example of a new wave of horror films that are finding it easier to raise funding from the traditional funding bodies.

Following the success of ‘Wolf Creek’, chillers such as ‘Acolytes’ are becoming more appealing to the likes of the FFC. And due to the forward thinking nature of Queensland’s talent and funding bodies, this has also opened the door for this kind of production.

The budget for the film is about AUD$3.8million which is above average for a typical Ausralian born and bed movie. So this is definitely progress for the industry. There have been widespread calls for support in this area of genre filmmaking for quite some time now.