Welcome Friend or Foe…

The intention of this blog is to create a record of the writing of our scripts as well as the adventures of trying to get those scripts made into movies. We’ll do our best to update the blog as often as we can and to be as open as possible, even when we get roused on for it and lose all our so-called friends.

Some pretty bizarre shit happens after you type “THE END” into a screenplay. In our short time at it we’ve wound up in some unexpected places with people that we’ve been proud to meet or utterly horrified that we had.

Screenwriting is never predictable, the actual writing itself or what happens after having written. What that means on a day-to-day level is you never know what’ll come from an email or a phone call. You’re constantly surprised, often disappointed, regularly aggrieved, frequently homicidal, occasionally suicidal, sometimes ecstatic and thrilled beyond belief, but what you never, never are is bored.

And it all starts after you type those two magical words…