The Ten – Precious Egg

Ten talented filmmakers + $1.2 million each = Ten awesome films I can watch in 2011. Bam!

By the way, this isn’t some ‘changing the industry’ suggestion for Screen Australia to take on board – seriously, who wants them involved – it’s more like fantasy football, but instead of football players its my own Aussie filmmaker dream team. Action!


Link here (AK last but not least!)

Okay this last one might seem like a bit of a cheat, putting two names, but so far they have written a whole bunch of screenplays together as a duo so like it or not I’m lumping them into a directorial partnership. These two cool dudes were the writers behind the original Acolytes screenplay (not Jon Hewitt’s shooting draft), they wrote eight episodes of Dr Who television spin off K-9 (including one episode which won the John Hinde AWGIE Award for Science Fiction) and they recently penned the script for Bait – the 3D shark movie to be directed by Russell Mulcahy, and are said to be developing projects for Greg McLean and Jamie Blanks. That is enough to make me take a punt and put them behind the camera, directing one of their own scripts, and seeing how awesome that could be!