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Who’s the ghost with the most? The new Aussie haunted house chiller 18 may actually be a contender. Fango scared up some exclusive pics (many of the gnarly-lookin’ spooks themelves!) from the film, which comes from ACOLYTES screenwriters Shayne Armstrong and S.P. Krause (the latter also making his directorial debut on the film) and features makeup FX by DAYBREAKERS Fango Chainsaw nominee Steven Boyle. The producers describe 18 as “THE ORPHANAGE meets PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

“18 is independent and largely funded by the filmmakers themselves,” says Boyle, who also toiled on BLACK SHEEP, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and UNDER THE MOUNTAIN, and recently designed the shark and makeup effects for BAIT 3D. “And although I’m sure they won’t have difficulty finding a distributor, there is (to my knowledge) no one onboard as of yet. It’s rare that I do such a low budget project that I have this much faith in, but I really do like what I’ve seen so far. It’s one of the most exciting projects I’ve done in a while. And the creature/ghost effects are some of the most disturbing I’ve ever done. They are more of the physical THIRTEEN GHOSTS-type.”

Production on 18 took place between two short films, HUGE and RARER MONSTERS, also directed by Krause. Armstrong and Krause first met the star of 18, Robyn Moore, on the set of the children’s sci-fi series K9, based on the character from BBC’s DOCTOR WHO. 18 began principal photography in late 2010 in Queensland and wrapped this year. Armstrong and Krause are a Brisbane-based screenwriting partnership with several other scary screenplays currently in development, including 6 MIRANDA DRIVE (recently greenlit by Lionsgate) for WOLF CREEK’s Greg McLean. The duo also rewrote the $30 million shark movie BAIT 3D and penned a Gothic Western, A MURDER OF CROWS, for producers Michael Robertson (BLACK WATER, THE REEF, Fango’s ROAD KILL) and Murray Pope. The busy scripters are also adapting the horror manga THE DREAMING for Tokyopop and Odin’s Eye, plus writing both the English language remake of the Swedish horror-thriller NEXT DOOR and an original horror-action screenplay called BLACK ECHOES.

Here’s the lengthy official synopsis for 18:

“Struggling actress Victoria Marshall returns home from England to clean up her deceased father’s estate at her childhood home but soon discovers that a labyrinth of junk isn’t all that her estranged father might have left behind…

“It begins with things moved around, footsteps in the lonely halls above her as she works downstairs, laughter from dark places that should be empty. Little things at first; nothing threatening, nothing that could hurt her. Then they reveal themselves and she knows for sure… There are unquiet spirits in Number 18 and they’re angry—very angry—with Vic Marshall.

“But who are they? What do they want? All Vic knows is the apparitions look like teenage girls with hidden faces and filthy red hair. At first, Vic is unwilling to believe that her deceased father murdered these girls, but Vic’s estranged little sister, Emma, knows it’s true. Their father abducted, raped, tortured and murdered these girls in their family home after both daughters moved away and the evidence is the three rotting, mutilated apparitions that plague the family house.

“Emma has been aware of it for sometime. She’s long accepted their father wasn’t the man they thought he was and Vic will have to as well. Emma is determined that they will complete the clean-up, sell the house, divide up the money and Vic can run away again, this time forever. It’s not Vic’s right to dig around and make a mess out of things. Let it all be forgotten with their father. Besides, whatever is in the house has never harmed her. Not yet.

“But Vic won’t let it go. Can’t. Maybe there’s another way to look at it… maybe their father didn’t harm these girls. Maybe someone else did. Someone still very much alive and watching the house from the shadows…

“Vic persuades Emma that the real killer could be someone they both know—and knew from childhood. Someone close to the family. And they have a clue—a long repressed memory when they were both just little girls—something they saw that they didn’t understand at the time—something that lies in a corner of the property beneath tons of building materials that 20 years later will be brought from the darkness into the screaming light of day.

“But Vic is running out of time. The apparitions are growing impatient, belligerent and violent. No longer content to merely haunt Number 18, their mission is to terrorize and brutalize the Marshall sisters. If the entities lurking in Number 18 can’t have justice, then they’ll at least have vengeance…”

Watch for more exclusive 18 pics soon!