Armstrong Krause

ARMSTRONG & KRAUSE dedicated their lives to dark speculative material from a young age. Born and raised on the ironically named Darling Downs, in a small country town that would provide David Lynch with a glut of material, they formed a lifelong bond based on mutual fear of silence, wide open spaces and faces at the windows.

As children, they were lovingly overfed a steady diet of Hammer Horror films, Eerie Comics and BBC sci-fi. But it was their love of the visceral horror, thriller and crime cinema of the 70’s that cemented their future writing career directions. Early near brushes with the Angel of Death failed to dampen their spirits (Krause was treated to a bug’s-eye view of a car windshield when he was four; Armstrong was (prematurely) pronounced clinically dead during a botched tonsillectomy at age seven).

They both swear they are unscarred by these events and that any fascination with the random cruelty of the universe is purely coincidental. Although they have worked as scriptwriters and creative consultants for DISNEY CHANNEL, JETIX, NICKELODEON, CARTOON NETWORK and FOX TELEVISION, their hearts lie in the realm of dark genre writing.

Together they have forged a diligent partnership dedicated to creating quality horror, crime, sci-fi and thriller scripts.

They are working on new screenplays while all good souls are sleeping…