HUGE – short film

Barry Branch… comedian, actor, unstoppable force… is going to be huge.

It’s in all the trades, on every botoxed lip, over every studio exec’s Blackberry. After so many years of working his more than ample arse off, Barry is finally on the cusp of his big break. The acting break that could make him a movie star and idol of millions.

But there’s a not-so-small problem…

Barry gets a call in the middle of his daily work-out. His agent breaks the bad news. The producers are worried. They’ve reconceptualised the role he auditioned for and Barry isn’t quite right anymore. But there’s a solution staring them in the face… if only Barry will get onboard.

The solution itself is easy. Barry almost has to do nothing. Less than nothing, in fact. And all it will cost him is a decade of sleepless nights and an early death.

But if you want to be larger-than-life in this town, immortality comes at a price.

HUGE is a death-black satire of the movie business and the disturbing lengths some people will go to make it big. Part-horror, part-black comedy, HUGE occupies a shadowy corner of Hollyweird where Chuck Palahniuk meets Tales from The Crypt.

Written by Shayne Armstrong and S.P.Krause – Directed by S.P.Krause – Produced by Charles Mitchell, Lachlan Madsen & Mark Eyers.

Starring John Batchelor and Robyn Moore

Currently in post-production.