Lionsgate OKs 3 microbudget films – ‘6 Miranda Drive’ greenlighted

Lionsgate OKs 3 microbudget films

‘Rapturepalooza,’ ‘Gay Dude,’ ‘6 Miranda Drive’ greenlighted
Lionsgate has named the first three titles to be produced under its new microbudget production initiative for films with budgets under $2 million.The projects are “Rapturepalooza,” a post-apocalyptic comedy; “Gay Dude,” a coming-of-age comedy with a twist; and supernatural thriller “6 Miranda Drive.” (written by Armstrong & Krause). Announcement was made Wednesday by Joe Drake, president of the motion picture group. 

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Lionsgate Makes a ‘Microbudget’ Deal With the Antichrist

‘Wolf Creek”s Greg Mclean is tackling ‘6 Miranda Drive, written by Armstrong & Krause.  It’s another supernatural/haunted-house flick that threatens to tear a family apart. Mclean’s characterization is stronger than a lot of the so-called torture-porn film directors he gets lumped in with, and he has a penchant for atmospheric visuals.


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