Lionsgate OKs 3 microbudget films – ‘6 Miranda Drive’ greenlighted

Lionsgate OKs 3 microbudget films

‘Rapturepalooza,’ ‘Gay Dude,’ ‘6 Miranda Drive’ greenlighted
Lionsgate has named the first three titles to be produced under its new microbudget production initiative for films with budgets under $2 million.The projects are “Rapturepalooza,” a post-apocalyptic comedy; “Gay Dude,” a coming-of-age comedy with a twist; and supernatural thriller “6 Miranda Drive.” (written by Armstrong & Krause). Announcement was made Wednesday by Joe Drake, president of the motion picture group. 

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ACOLYTES – Variety

by Russell Edwards

Curiosity leads three teens into a murderous tangle of plots in “Acolytes.” Oz chiller affects a scuzzy look, but its lensing is as precise as its intent to follow previous Aussie slasher success “Wolf Creek.” While auds may guess one major narrative deception early on, the yarn has plenty of barbed, unexpected twists. Pic, which preemed at South Korea’s PiFan fantasy fest and is skedded for Toronto’s Midnight Madness sidebar, should find devotees at fests and in commercial distribution before lingering on in ancillary.

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